Bartender Salary: How Much And How It Works

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Plenty of people pick up a job as a bartender when they find themselves waiting to get their dream job. While this job can be a great way to make some extra cash on the nights and weekends, could it provide the income to be a full time job?

What Makes A Bartender Job So Great

A job as a bartender is the perfect option for many people. Here are a few reasons that bar tending jobs are great.

  • Flexible Hours: If you’re spending your days looking for a job in your field, spend some time in the evening making extra cash as a bartender.
  • Job Security: While many businesses are going under, bars will probably always be open and those bars will need people to serve their drinks.
  • Ability To Relocate: Are you tired of where you’re living? Want to expand your job search to another city? Chances are, you’ll be able to find a bartender job wherever you go.

A Bartender Salary

The real question when deciding whether bar tending can become a full time job is how the salary compares to other jobs. The bartender salary is relatively high, in comparison to other food service jobs. When determining the salary of a bartender, there are several factors to keep in mind.

  • Where is the bartender working? The salary for a high end eating establishment is very different from that of a dive bar.
  • Where is the job at? The salary of a business in a smaller town will, again, be very different from a job in a large city.
  • You’ll need to factor in tips and side jobs, which we’ll discuss later.

On average, the base salary for a bartender is between $6-9 per hour. The pay increases in certain circumstances. If you’re interested in making more money as a bartender, you’ll want to look for a job in a larger city where tourism is a major industry. For example, bartenders in New York City will make more money than those in a small town. Another option is to look for bar tending positions at resorts. These businesses often pay their bartenders a higher salary.

Tips And Side Jobs

In addition to the base salary, bartenders will also depend on tips and sometimes side jobs to round out their pay. In fact, most bartenders say that the majority of their pay comes from the tips they receive. Some sources say that a bartender working in an establishment with a steady traffic flow can expect to make two to four times their base salary in tips. For example, if the bartender has a salary of $6 per hour, they should receive between $12-18 per hour in tips. That number will vary depending on how many people are coming in, how many drinks are ordered, and the quality of service.

Side jobs are another way to earn extra cash. People who are planning events may want to hire a bartender to take care of guests. For example, a couple will want to hire a bartender to make drinks at their wedding. This can be a great source of extra income.

Education And Experience

While it greatly differs from other forms of traditional education, there are educational programs for those who are interested in getting into the bar tending industry. These programs will give you the tools and training needed to succeed in a bar tending job. The staff of the program may also be able to provide valuable information and connections to secure a job after completing the program.

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